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Comparison of STEM and Chiliz.

Comparison of STEM and Chiliz.

We sometimes face questions about comparing our project with others, and we decided to give an answer. In this comparison, let's talk about Chiliz.

What is Chiliz? This is an exchange of sports teams ' fan tokens. Each football club token has a market value. Pricing occurs only due to the demand for these tokens. It is possible to build theories and forecasts about changes in the price of these tokens only on rumors and guesses.

The STEM project is an exchange of tokens for sports team statistics. Every football club on our platform has tokens, the price of which is tied not to market demand, but to the performance indicators of each team's game. Thus, each user can predict the change in the value of the tokens themselves, based on the open statistics of the team's game and planning future match outcomes. This is the main advantage and difference of the STEM project from others.

From a brief comparison, we can see that STEM and Chiliz are completely different products, with different philosophies and mechanics of work.