A token is a virtual currency,
or 1 unit of value in the blockchain system
Make profit on sport teams' indicators changes without any risk to find out the message
"your bet didn't pay off"

STEM - sport token
exchange market

Project token STEMX:

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STEM is an exchange where each sports
team has its own virtual currency (tokens)
Each team's tokens have their own value. The price of these tokens is determined by such indicators as: the statistics of the team's game, the world ranking, the position in the standings, the cost of the club's players, and others. Depending on the changes in these indicators, the price of tokens changes. Users can earn money on the growth or fall in the value of tokens by tracking changes in the team's indicators.
STEM is creating a new class of financial assets for sports teams
that will revolutionize the betting world.
How to make money on STEM
STEM provides all the detailed information about sports teams
to help you choose the right moment to buy or sell tokens. The cost of tokens changes under is influenced by different events.
You make a profit from the difference in the purchase and sale prices.
In the next matches, Barcelona plays several games as a guest. Coach Koeman determined the best scheme of the game and the backbone of the main team. Future competitors are seriously inferior in class. We see the prospects for growth at a distance of 3-4 weeks.
There are two cases of COVID-19 in the team. Messi is disqualified. We are facing an uncomfortable opponent-Atletico, which has a new coach, strong improvements in the structure of the game and an improvement in the game in attack. We see risks in the upcoming matches
Busquets recovered from a minor injury. Umtiti and Dembele train in the general group. The return of these players to the base makes the squad balanced. The power, stability and strength in the attack will return. We expect the growth of tokens
Barcelona went through two rounds of the Cup in hard-fought matches, beat Elche. Roberto returned to the squad strengthening the squad. After another series of successful games, tokens have significantly increased in price. We decide to fix the profit
Messi is annoyed by the publication of the terms of the contract with Barcelona and intends to sue. The value of the token is falling against this background. We know that the team's game, as well as the composition, is stable. We don't see any problems and difficulties in the next matches
Barcelona beat Athletic and came in second place. But in 2 weeks, a difficult Champions League playoff game against PSG. Bookmakers give a large coefficient for the victory of "Barcelona". There is a risk. We sell tokens before the match with PSG.
STEM provides possibility to use a trading leverage of up to x15 to your deposit.
Example: if you have $50 in your account,
you will be able to trade up to $750
Deposit after trading:
Initial deposit:
Example of the trading history
the amount
the amount
the amount
the amount
the amount
the amount
Trading leverage
Find your own style of successful trading with STEM
They buy tokens at a low price, expecting a good game from the team. They sell them at the peak of their value. They do not evaluate every match, but the potential of the club. Regularly in search of potentials for growth.
They are distinguished by confidence and determination. Always up to
date with the latest news. They see prospects in different teams. They play for raising and lowering the price. Always looking for good moments
For a confident trading on the exchange, you can use one of the existing trading strategies. If you don't know which strategy to choose, try different options.
Over time, you will decide which style you like and definitely will succeed in STEM.
They sell tokens "on loan" at a high price, expecting
that the team will fail. They buy it back at a low price. They look for the weak points of the teams, knowing when a black streak may come.

Buy up and accumulate
tokens of teams, with the expectation of long-term storage. They believe in price increases over the long haul.
Always looking for the best
token prices
They trade on price Growth
They trade on falling prices
Accumulate assets
They use different strategies
Start explore your trading style, with a bonus of +10% to the deposit!
Evaluation of the value of tokens
UEFA team ranking points.
Calculated based on the last 52 games played. The more points, the more expensive the tokens are.
resource ru.uefa.com
The cost of the club.
It is calculated based on the cost of all players. The higher the cost, the more expensive the tokens are.
resource transfermarkt.ru
Points in the UEFA standings
Calculated based on the last 52 games played.
The more points, the more expensive the tokens are.
resource ru.uefa.com
The chance of the team's victory in the upcoming match.
It is calculated based on the average coefficient for winning. The lower the coefficient, the more expensive the tokens are.
resource livescore.in
Tokens of more than 100 football clubs are presented on the exchange. Find your favorite team, and win with it.
How does the purchase and sale of tokens take place?
Choose the sports team whose tokens you want to buy
Trading on the STEM exchange is simple, clear and exciting.
After the sign up, you only need to do a couple of actions.
The team page opens, where you can get acquainted with all the important information
After making a purchase decision, enter the quantity and make a purchase. Tokens are automatically credited to your wallet.
Transparent assessment of the value of tokens and the predictability of its changes
The evaluation of each token is based on publicly available data. Each indicator can be tracked independently. Having data about the team and the trends of its game, you will be able to predict the change in the price of the token with a high degree of probability
We insure against risks
If the asset you bought sharply loses in value due to
force majeure situations in the club: (an accident, an urgent sale of a leading player, the announcement of bankruptcy proceedings, etc.), then in this case STEM offers a guaranteed purchase of tokens at a price above the market.
Why choose STEM?
Token trading takes place in real time. There is no concept of "the end of accepting bets" — you can sell or buy tokens immediately after scoring a goal or receiving a yellow card by a player,
All trading is conducted in real time without restrictions
For confident trading, we provide training materials, all the necessary analytics. There is an opportunity to communicate
with experts and other users. As well as a permanent support service.
The opportunity to earn money regardless of the level of training and experience
We guarantee the reliability of trading with STEM
Your money is stored in secure accounts that are
resistant to hacking.
Wallet Protection
Passwords are securely protected,
encrypted and unreadable.
Data protection
Each transaction is protected from changes: all data is entered into the Blockchain chain.
Transaction protection
Create your own secure account and get a +10% bonus
to your first deposit!
Join the STEM community
We offer a completely new type of investment in sports. But that's not all!
Learn to trade like a pro by getting free lessons
On our platform, you can learn successful trading from the best specialists in this field for free.
Follow all the true news and statistics of the teams you are interested in in one place.
See all the news and statistics in one place
Communicate with
like-minded people
Join groups,
discuss sports news,
and predict changes in token prices together.
Participate in contests
and tournaments
Win cash prizes in tournaments among other users. Achieve high statuses as a recognized bidder.
Store and accumulate
capital in tokens
Buy and store tokens of the best teams. During the year, they can generate income exceeding the interest rate of other deposits.
Connect from any device
The STEAM interface is very easy to use. You will be able to invest,
trade and keep up to date with the news anywhere.
What are tokens?
A token is a unit for evaluating the performance of the sports team for which it was issued. It has a value and a limited release. In other words, tokens are the virtual currency of each sports team, the value of which is determined by the statistics of the game. The better the team plays and the higher its performance, the more expensive the tokens are.
How do I register?
Go to the REGISTRATION section and enter your data in the appropriate fields, according to the instructions. After that, you will receive an email to your e-mail confirming registration and will be able to log in to your account.
How much does it cost to maintain a trading account?
Creating and maintaining a trading account is free of charge. There are also no hidden payments on STEM
What STEM earns on?
The STEM exchange does not trade against other participants. The goal of STEM is to create a safe and honest environment for token trading. The exchange's income is generated only by receiving a commission from trading transactions.
How can I top up my account?
To make a deposit, log in to your personal account. In the "Account" section, select the method of replenishment that is convenient for you. STEM accepts transfers using all popular payment systems
Are there any hidden fees?
The STEAM exchange does not charge any hidden commissions or payments for depositing or withdrawing funds. The amount of the commission for replenishment and withdrawal is provided only by those payment aggregators that you use
What affects the cost of tokens?
The value of team tokens is affected by each of the following indicators: international rating, position in the UEFA standings (for the last 52 weeks), the evaluation of the value of players, the coefficient for winning the upcoming match. And the price is also affected by the demand for a certain token at a time. All sources of value formation are publicly available. The STEM exchange does not directly affect the formation of the value of assets in any way.
What are the tokens backed by?
Each issued token is backed with US dollars at full cost.
How is liquidity regulated?
STEAM issues tokens for sale according to certain rules based on demand and money supply. This allows you to maintain high liquidity of each token.
What are the commissions for making transactions?
On STEM, there is a commission only from completed transactions (purchases/sales of tokens).
The commission amount is 0.15% of the transactions
What is trading with a "trading leverage"?
Trading with "trading leverage" increases the purchasing power of your trades.
For example, the leverage of 1: 15 means that with a deposit of $ 500, you can open transactions with a volume of up to $ 7,500.
How can I contact customer support?
e-mail support@stem-ru.com
в популярных мессенджерах:
telegram https://t.me/stem_admin

STEM is waiting for you for joint victories!
Register now and get an increased user status, as
well as a bonus of + 10% to your first deposit
Take part in the investment of the project.
Инвестируйте в развитие биржи STEM с помощью токена.
Token Name
Released on the basis of the blockchain:
Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20), Waves, Tron.
Tokens created
100 000 000
The price of 1 token at the start is 0.01$
For more detailed information about the ICO project, see the token page.
stemx.me, stemx.pro, coin.stemx.pro, exchange.stemx.pro
Owned and operated by STEM CORPORATION LTD, registration number 13605557;
(ii) issuing service tokens via Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20), Waves, Tron.;